Cart Movers

Move heavy loads easily with one of the innovative powered cart movers which we have available. These battery powered material handlers are perfect for ensuring worker safety and increasing productivity when pushing or pulling heavy equipment. We also offer a variety of custom end effectors which can be used in order to allow you to move a variety of different items.  Below are some of past cart mover projects.

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Powered Cart Mover System

Linen Cart Mover System

A hospital requested a cart mover system to help safely and efficiently move their linen carts throughout their facility. We provided them with a MasterMover Smart Mover SM100+ with a  custom hitch designed for their for linen carts.

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Industrial Cart Mover

Portable Cart with Magnet Attachments

This custom portable cart mover was designed to lift metal back panels into a metal cabinet.

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Rockwell Ground Level Material Handling Solution

Lifting weights in excess of 250lbs. can now be completed by a single worker and eliminates the potential for workplace injuries.

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Clamp End Effector

This factory needed to find a way to lift delicate, but heavy parts around which is why the decided to purchase a clamp end effector system.

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Clamp Cart Door End Effector

This manufacturing plant required an end effector which would help them move parts such as the portable cart door.

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