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Clamp End Effectors

Specializing in picking up and moving items, these clamp end effectors have two metal pieces that tighten in order to lift up the desired item. Clamp End Effectors are able to handle a large variety of different items, making them useful for many applications.

These custom devices act as a way to speed up production and are an ergonomic solution because they help to reduce the amount of pressure placed on an employee by reducing the amount of twisting, lifting and bending required within a workday.

The safety interlock system also helps prevent items from being released in mid-transport. Because of this innovative safety feature, these end effectors also help to reduce product damage by reducing the number of falling items, and they ensure employee safety from falling items.

end effectors

End effectors can be motorised, mechanically, or manually operated depending on the needs of your application. End Effectors come in five different design categories:

A Guide to Workplace Musculoskeletal Disorders

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