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Custom Solutions

Have a need for material handling equipment that you think is highly customized and expensive? You needn’t consider it a problem anymore because at R&D Ergo Ltd. we have a full range of high-end ergonomic material handling equipment. We also have a senior management team with over 70 years of experience and a highly trained staff of design engineers, salespeople, site auditors, safety inspectors and ergonomic specialists. With such a team, we make sure that you not only get the right material handling equipment but are also provided with a host of other before and after sale services.

Our material handling specialists will start by visiting your site in order to analyze exactly what material handling equipment is needed to optimize the ergonomics at your workplace. Following this visit, we will offer our expert professional advice and present to you our recommended material handling solution. Once the system has been agreed upon, we will design, manufacture and install it. When the system has been installed, our material handling specialist will come and train your staff on how to properly use the equipment.

Our line of high-end ergonomic material handling equipment includes customized workspace solutions such as rail systems and accompanying crane systems and trolleys, vertical conveyors, special use lifts, mobile cranes and dumpers. We also have an entire range of material handling equipment for light to medium use applications, such as pallet handling equipment, turntables, stackers, portable cranes, monorail end effectors, power carts and power movers. Below, we have listed some of our more popular custom material handling solutions, though we encourage you to contact us so we can help you find the most efficient ergonomic solution.


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Pick and Place Systems

Pick and place systems increase efficiency, reducing or eliminating employee fatigue and human error. We have a wealth of experience and knowledge designing and creating custom or standard pick and place systems.

img RD ERGO Rotacaster


The RotacasterTM wheel has rewritten the rule book on what you think a wheel can and can’t do.

img RD ERGO Lifting Equipment

Lifting Equipment

R&D Ergo Ltd. specializes in lifting equipment and all of our Jib Cranes are designed in order to safely and efficiently move materials under 500 lbs.

img RD ERGO Start to Finish Line Operations

Start to finish line operations

Increasing productivity on the assembly line is one of our specialties; we will perform a complete audit of your system and make appropriate, realistic recommendations.


What are the Benefits of a Material Handling System?

Increase productivity

Improved ergonomic processes

Boost employee satisfaction

Reduce the risk of musculoskeletal disorders

Reduce the risk of costly violations

Lower costs compared to fixed systems

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