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Movomech Electric Cranes & Manipulators

Our Movomech Electric Cranes and Manipulators line of products includes our line of Rail Systems including the electric MechChain Pro and MechLift E. Through a series of suspensions and trolleys, we can easily build complete systems, with extensions and accessories as needed. Our smooth-running trolleys make sure that PHB cranes can be moved rapidly and repeatedly without harming the loads. If roof mounting is unavailable, the Movomech line can be mounted into the ceiling or floor-mounted steel structures.

Mechchain Pro electric crane

Mechchain Pro

Experience the Mechchain Pro, a dynamic solution that seamlessly balances precision and speed, making maneuverability a breeze. With frequency control and joystick operation, you can achieve stepless lifting speed with ease. Its compact design, boasting the market’s lowest ceiling height, enables installation in tight spaces.

Mechlift E

The Electric Mechlift Pro, known as Mechlift E, is expertly crafted with anodized telescoping aluminum profiles, ensuring minimal maintenance and durability. Its ergonomic design, coupled with momentum-absorbing technology, provides a lightweight lifting solution. You can precisely control the lifting speed with stepless frequency adjustment via a joystick.

Mechlift E.png

Movomech Electric Crane Specifications

mechchain Pro

Mechlift E

Specifications Details
Type Lifting Unit with Frequency Control
Lifting Capacity 63 kg, 80 kg, 125 kg
Lifting Speed 0-16 m/min (63 kg, 80 kg), 0-12 m/min (125 kg)
Rail System Compatibility LHB/PHB1/AHB1-2 (63 kg, 80 kg), PHB1/AHB1-2 (125 kg), AHB1-2 (125 kg)
Stroke 5 m (option for 7 m)
Noise Level < 70 dB (A)
Max Dead Weight 17 kg
Chain 4x9 mm
Motor Effect 0.22 kW
Voltage 1x230V, N, PE (±15%), 50/60Hz
Fusing 10 AT
Enclosure Class IP 54
Specifications Details
Type Ergonomically Designed Momentum Absorbing Lifter
Lifting Capacity 165-1,430 pounds
Maximum Stroke 78 inches
Tools and Accessories Standard or Customized Tools and Accessories (Rotation Units, Tool Fittings, Brake Units, etc.)
Common Applications
  • Lifting Rolls
  • Handling Doors
  • Handling Windows
  • Lifting Storage Tanks
  • Handling Auto Parts
  • Regulations

    All of our Material Handling solutions either meet or exceed all applicable regulations which include; OSHA, ANSI and ASME B30.20.


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