Portable Platform Lifters

The LIFT-N-GO IITM HD (Heavy Duty) Series lifter is an enhanced lifter for increased capacity over the standard Lift-N-GoTM Series. Both Series are available to meet your material handling needs. The LIFT-N-GO IITM continues the tradition of providing for increased economical, safe, efficient, and ergonomic material handling solutions to assist you with your production needs.

The LIFT-N-GO IITM has a lift capacity of either 90Kg (200-lbs) or 115Kg (250-lbs) and provides for improved and expanded flexibility with a wider base and longer legs along with an improved electronic power pack to better fill your ergonomic lifting requirements.

A UHMW load platform (~20” wide x ~17 ¼” deep) is provided for product handling or other selections are available to fit you product-handling needs.

Features and Benefits:
- Anodized Aluminum Profiles
- Lift Masts
- Steel (Powder Coated Paint-Optional SS)
- Welded Base
- Handlebar-height Adjustable
- Power Pack Cover
- Standard swivel casters
- Standard length lift masts
- Foot operated kick brakes on rear casters
- Lift mast slip clutch on the down movement provides for safe load handling
- Current limiting (no limit switches) provide for load limiting and stops
- Totally enclosed lift mast w/ball screw for smooth up and down DC powered movement
- Electronic power pack utilizes quick exchange features allowing for multi-shift operation
- Detachable remote controller
- Provides the operator with control overload handling functions.
- Handlebar is adjustable by the operators to achieve ergonomic operation
- Highly maneuverable, light-weight (approximately 90-lbs) and easy to operate.

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