Sheet Handling Solutions

Sheet Handling is a challenging material handling problem; it's often bulky, heavy, and can be prone to damage if not handled correctly. Which is why we offer a variety of vacuum sheet handling solutions which can be used in order to safely lift and move sheets made of a variety of materials.


Metal Sheet Handling

Metal Sheet Handling is a challenging material handling problem; it's bulky, heavy, somewhat flexible, and prone to damage if not handled correctly. Those challenges coupled with the fact that sheets of metal have sharp edges and corners, makes Metal Sheet Handling a daunting and challenging task.

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Glass Sheet Handling

Ensure glass lifting is effortless by removing the strain of manual handling with a reliable and proven Glass Vacuum Lifter. A manually operated vacuum handling system will revolutionize the manufacturing process while reducing lead times and increasing employees' motivation and performance. Currently, in use at several major manufacturers in the glass industry, our systems come in both standard and custom configurations.

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Stone Sheet Handling

We offer production grade, steel framed vacuum lifters for both smooth and/or rough Stone Handling. The systems we build are solid, reliable, and designed to be used on a day-to-day basis. The components we select are durable and reliable, meaning no downtime and reliability in a variety of environments.

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Wood Sheet Handling

Wooden Sheet Vacuum Handling Systems are designed for handling rough or smooth wooden surfaces, and are designed to lift, tilt, and rotate.Designed to work where you need it, we have both fixed and portable Wooden Sheet Vacuum Handling Systems. Our Wood Sheet Vacuum Handling Systems are compact, air-powered designed for one user to lift heavy wood panels without straps or slings.

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