Hoist Based Roll Handling

Is your company experiencing material damage, injuries and inefficiencies? Not to fear we have the perfect solution for you! Our extensive line of Hoist Roll Handling Solution models presents the ability to lift and turn a roll with the utmost amount of ease to eliminate operator injuries as well as minimize material damage. This in turn will save your company valuable time and money.

Our wide variety of Hoist Roll Handling Solutions fall into three main categories: Lift and Turn Handlers, Vertical Roll Lifters (VRLs), and Horizontal Roll Lifters (HRLs). To determine which product system is best for you, we must first establish a number of different factors such as: your weight capacities, industry considerations, job specific demands, and facility considerations. By providing us this information we can identify the perfect Roll Handling Solution needed for you to transport your valuable materials which will increase both profitability and productivity.

Lift and Turn Roll Handlers

Lift and Turn Handlers

We have an extensive line of Lift and Turn Hoist Based Handlers designed to lift and turn rolls of varying sizes and weight with ease. Our Manual Roll Turners are typically used to lift and rotate rolls by the core and unload onto a machine spindle. Our three main Manual Roll Turners lift and rotate rolls with weights ranging from 100lbs to 500lbs.

Standard Weight Range: 100 - 500 lbs | Learn More | Request a Quote

Horizontal Roll Lifters

Horizontal Roll Lifters

Horizontal Roll Lifters are designed for handling rolls in a horizontal position and are offered in many standard configurations, but can also be customized. The capacities range from 200lbs to 1000lbs and can be easily adjusted for varying roll widths.

Standard Weight Range: 200 - 1250 lbs | Learn More | Request a Quote

Electric Roll Turners

Electric Roll Turners

Electric Roll Turners are often chosen when roll weights exceed 330lbs. The electric assist removes strain from the operator and ensures that the solution is ergonomically sound. Our three main Electric Roll Turners are designed for rolls ranging from 350lbs to 1000lbs.

Standard Weight Range: 300 - 2000 lbs | Learn More | Request a Quote

Vertical Roll Lifters

Vertical Roll Lifters

Designed specifically for handling rolls in a vertical position, the VRL series is offered in many standard configurations but can also be customized depending on the task at hand. Capacities range anywhere from 1000lbs to 4400lbs and contain a fail safe gripper designed to securely hold the rolls.

Standard Weight Range: 500 - 4400 lbs | Learn More | Request a Quote

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