Cart Movers

Various Cart movers, material handling equipment

Move heavy loads easily with one of the innovative cart movers which we have available. These material handling units are perfect for ensuring worker safety and increasing productivity when pushing or pulling heavy equipment. They are convenient and portable, with no electric cords or pneumatic hoses to trip over.

powered cart mover Portable Platform Lifters Rotacaster
Powered Cart Movers

These cart movers are designed in order to be is versatile and can be used in many settings such as: cell manufacturing facilities, hospitals, aerospace manufacturing, and vehicle repair or manufacturing.


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Portable Platform Lifters

These Portable Platform Lifters are designed to provide increased economical, safe, efficient, and ergonomic material handling solutions to assist you with your production needs.


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The Rotacaster is the only multi-directional wheel technology developed primarily as an industrial and commercial floor wheel.

These units can be used in a variety of ways including conveyor solutions and hand trucks.

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PHS West Motorized Carts and Tuggers

Motorized tuggers and carts

PHS West power drive systems are built to be modular, customizable and with durable construction so they can not only stand up to the environmental needs of our clients but can also be tailored to your specific needs. Every Ergo-Express® power drive system is built with ergonomics in mind to meet your protocol and budget, while reducing push and pull injuries that have become more and more common in the workplace.

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