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Motorized Carts and Tuggers (PHS West)

PHS West motorized carts and tuggers are built to be modular, customizable and with durable construction so they can not only stand up to the environmental needs of our clients but can also be tailored to your specific needs. Every Ergo-Express® power drive system is built with ergonomics in mind to meet your protocol and budget, while reducing push and pull injuries that have become more and more common in the workplace.

What options and accessories come with PHS West Motorized Carts and Tuggers?

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Motorized Carts

Ergo-Express® Motorized Carts are a flexible solution for quickly and safely moving a variety of items. We can design a powered trolley to meet your expectations if you need a better way to transport goods and equipment throughout your workplace.

Motorized Tuggers

Moving anything with a wheeled base is made simple with Ergo-Express® Motorized Tugs. We can match you with the perfect battery-powered tug for your material handling needs thanks to the variety of available hitches, including made-to-order choices.

Medical Carts

PHS West products were the first of their kind to be constructed in accordance with the needs of modern hospitals, and they continue to set the bar that our rivals aim for but infrequently meet.

Customizable Container Options

Depending on your unique needs, a wide range of storage solutions can be installed on our carts. We include enclosed cabinets, side-rail kits, compressed gas tank racks, wire shelving, lift tables and more.

PHS West Carts

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PHS West Carts are highly configurable and can be selected and customized to fit your specific needs.

Configure your cart

Work with our ergonomic experts to add accessory options such as cabinets, lift tables, racks, wire shelving and more.

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