Electric Roll Turners

Electric Roll Turners are often chosen when roll weights exceed 330lbs. The electric assist removes strain from the operator and ensures that the solution is ergonomically sound. Our three main Electric Roll Turners are designed for rolls ranging from 350lbs to 1000lbs learn more below:


PRT-300 Roll Handling Unit

The powered roll handling unit helps to assure that the roll handling process is fast and sound, making it the perfect addition for many warehouses.

Standard Weight Limit: 300 lbs | Learn More | Request a Quote

ERT-350 Electric Roll Handling

ERT-350 Electric Roll Handling

The ERT-350 is designed to make lifting, turning and transporting roll of a variety of sizes safe and easy. This roll handling machine is unique in its quiet high-speed electric actuators which have the capacity of completing the full radius in 8 to 10 seconds.

Standard Weight Limit: 350 lbs | Learn More | Request a Quote


PRT-500 Roll Handling Unit

This powered roll handling unit can be both pneumatic or electric and are often chosen when roll weights exceed 330 lbs (150 kg).

Standard Weight Limit: 500 lbs | Learn More | Request a Quote

ERT-600 Roll Handling System

ERT-600 Roll Handling System

This electric roll handling machine the ERT-600 makes lifting, turning and transporting rolls of all sizes both safe and easy. With the ability to complete a full radius within 18 seconds this high powered roll handling machine will help you to decrease production times.

Standard Weight Limit: 600 lbs | Learn More | Request a Quote

MerchLift Roll Handling Unit

MerchLift Roll Handling Unit

The MerchLift is designed with ergonomics in mind; it is a motion absorbing lifter which has a steeples frequency and steered lifting speed which is controlled with a joystick. It is able to lift a variety of different rolls of different weights and sizes.

Standard Weight Limit: 880 lbs | Learn More | Request a Quote

Bartholomy Auto Roll Handling

Bartholomy AL Auto Lift

This simple roll handling solution is designed to be able to lift a variety of different rolls with one gripper and has an automatic switch which allows for fast and easy gripping and releasing.

Standard Weight Limit: 4,000 kgs | Learn More | Request a Quote

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