Hand Pump Lift Tilters

Hand Pump Lift Tilter

These hand pump lift and tilters are designed with safety in mind and come with a brake and foot protector on the swivel caster. In addition, these pieces of ergonomic equipment are perfect for lifting/tilting and equipment/product within your facility with the ability to lift up 2,200lbs.

Models Available. 

 Model No. TR22H
Capacity (Lbs.) 2,000
Vertical Lift Height (In.) 11
Tilt Angle 0-90°
Min Fork Height (In.) 3.4
O.A Fork Length (In.) 32
O.A. Fork Width (In.) 22
Width Between Forks (In.) 9.2
Load Wheel (In.) 3.2 DIA
Steering Wheel (In.) 6
Weight (Lbs.) 992

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