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Air balancers, mechanical balancers and intelligent lifting devices.

In a work cell setting, balancers are a time and money saving tool used when doing repetitive, high-cycle jobs. They are a quick and affordable replacement for manual lifting. Tools or materials are moved using balancers that employ pneumatic air or spring systems to produce a zero-gravity movement. 


img RD ERGO B Balancers

B Balancers

The Ingersoll Rand “B” series balancers come standard with no controls and are designed for integration with an end effector or handling device that includes a control package.

Capacity: Up to 900 kg at 100 PSI kg

img RD ERGO BA Balancers

BA Balancers

These balancers have no pendant controls and are used for single load suspending applications either at a fixed height or where both hands are used to manually raise, lower and position or “float” a load.

Capacity: Up to 900 kg at 100 PSI kg

img RD ERGO EA Balancers

EA Balancers

Ingersoll Rand “EA” series balancers are used for handling multiple (up to 3) loads within a 40 lb (18.1 kg) weight range without the need to adjust the controls.

Capacity: Up to 900 kg at 100 PSI kg

img RD ERGO InteLIFT Basic

InteLIFT - Basic

The InteLIFT® Basic unit comes with no controls and is designed to be integrated with a handling device and operated with the handling device’s control package.

Capacity: Up to 454 kg at 100 PSI Kg 

img RD ERGO InteLIFT Force Sensing Control

InteLIFT - Force Sensing Control

The InteLIFT® “IC” series balancers come with a force-sensing load cell that converts small levels of operator force into up/down movement through the full lifting range, without the need for up/down pendant controls.

Capacity: Up to 454 kg at 100 PSI Kg

img RD ERGO ZA Balancers

ZA Balancers

The Ingersoll Rand “ZA” series balancer is the most common and is designed for high speed and precision handling of variable weight loads. Up/down movement is accomplished through an ergonomically designed pendant.

Capacity: Up to 900 kg at 100 PSI kg

img RD ERGO Intelligent Lifting Devices

Intelligent Lifting Devices

Intelligent Lifting Devices combine the industry’s finest, thoroughly proven, mechanical balancing technology with the intelligence of precise, reliable electronic controls. This innovative combination provides operators with a safe, ergonomically beneficial, and highly flexible solution that can enhance productivity and cost savings.

img RD ERGO Mechanical Spring Balancer

Mechanical (Spring Balancer)

Gravity Free Mechanical Spring Balancers are designed for intermediate-duty, heavy-duty, and super-duty, providing ergonomically sound material handling solutions.

Additional Balancer Features

  • Precise, strain-free positioning.
  • Built-in safety features include overload protection and cable recoil breaks.

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Capacity: Up to 900 kg at 100 PSI kg