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Enclosed Track Bridge Cranes and Monorails

Enclosed track monorails give you easy movement and long life. Both the steel and aluminum work station crane systems use enclosed tracks which are both strong and lightweight. The two-degree taper of the running flange helps to centre the wheels on the track and prevent debris from setting on the rolling surface. This allows for smooth, effortless movement of the trolleys and end trucks.


img RD ERGO Trussed Steel Track Monorail

Trussed Steel Track Monorail

Enhance your lifting device with our Trussed Steel Track Monorail. Enjoy effortless mobility and durability, thanks to the enclosed tracks. Our systems are robust yet lightweight, while the 2-degree taper ensures wheel alignment and keeps the rolling surface debris-free.

img RD ERGO Plain Steel Track Monorail

Plain Steel Track Monorail

Upgrade your lifting device with our Plain Steel Track Monorail. Experience effortless movement and enhanced durability through enclosed tracks. Our lightweight and sturdy monorail systems feature a 2-degree taper, ensuring wheel alignment and preventing debris accumulation on the rolling surface.

img RD ERGO Movomech Monorails

Movomech Monorails

Movomech includes a line of Rail Systems including electric, pneumatic, and vacuum. Through a series of suspensions and trolleys, one can easily build complete systems, even with extensions and accessories as needed.

img RD ERGO Aluminum Track Monorail

Aluminum Track Monorail

Upgrade your lifting device to new heights with our high-quality Aluminum Track Monorail. Experience effortless and smooth movement, while enjoying an exceptional lifespan due to the durability of our enclosed tracks. Enhance your operations and maximize efficiency with our reliable solution.


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