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Pick and Place Lifting Devices

These Pick and Place End of Arm Tooling systems specialize in moving one item from one location to another. Pick and Place Lifting Devices are perfect for companies that have to load or unload many products. They help to increase the efficiency of the workplace while also decreasing the number of workplace injuries.

Widely adopted in the food and beverage industry, these end effectors excel at picking up items and precisely placing them in designated locations.

why use pick and place lifting devices

Pick and Place lifting devices offer precise and efficient item transfer, increasing productivity and reducing injuries. Ideal for high-volume operations, they streamline loading and unloading processes, saving time and effort while ensuring accurate placement of items.

A Guide to Workplace Musculoskeletal Disorders

infographic a guide to workplace
percent of workplace musculoskeletal disorders
graphy cost back injuries alone
The cost of back injuries alone
ic cost back injuries alone

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