Lift Tables

We provide a wide variety of lift tables in order to ensure that we have the table to fit your needs; all of our lifting tables can be customized in order to truly meet your material handling requirements. These tables are designed in order to help you create a safer, healthier, more efficient workplace work place for your employees.

What are the Benefits of a Lift Table?

The benefits of implementing a lift table include:
- Being able to raise or lower a table to the correct working height
- Prevent employees from having to repetitively bend and lift items, thus reducing the chance of back pain
- Increase productivity while saving hours of labour time

These ergonomic systems are designed in order to help you optimize your work force and in time can help you to lower costs through preventing injuries and increasing worker efficiency. Below are some of our many Lift Table product lines, click on any of the graphics to learn more about each particular system. If you have any questions or need any advice, we are just a phone call away!

Drive on Lift Tables Dumpers and Upenders Lift Tables/Tilters
Drive on Lift Tables

These tables are designed in order to make lifting, positioning and handling parts and containers easy, and to prevent back injury.

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Dumpers and Upenders

These drum lifts are especially designed to complete a wide variety of tasks including lifting, maneuvering and racking both drums and barrels that weigh up to 1500 lbs.

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Lift Tables/Tilters

These lift tables are designed in order to be able to lift a variety of different weights, the addition of one of these ergonomic lift tables will help ensure that work is completed efficiently and safely.

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Stackers Tilters Turntables

These stacker lift tables are designed in order to help position product throughout your facility, eliminating the need to manually lift up product/equipment.

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These tilters are designed in order to make the lifting, handling and positioning of parts and containers easy.


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Easily work with equipment wit these turntables, which will allow for easier more efficient access to products and equipment.


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