5 Gallon Pail Handlers

These pail handling systems are designed to lift, tilt, tumble and pour 5 gallon pails. When implemented in a workplace they can help reduce the amount of spilled product and increase employee safety.

Pail Can Tipper

PailPro Can Tippers

This material handling product is able to control the dispensing of five gallon cans or pails, helping to reduce spills of the valuable contents and increase employee safety.

Standard Weight Limit: 75 lbs | Learn More | Request a Quote

Pail Tumbler

PailPro Can Tumblers

Designed to safely and thoroughly blend the product(s) held within, the pail tumbler is able to effectively tumble 1 to 5 gallon pails.

Standard Weight Limit: 100 lbs | Learn More | Request a Quote

Pail Handling System

PailPro 5-Gallon Pail Handlers

Designed to increase employee safety, this 5-gallon pail handling system is able to lift, tilt and pour pails with ease, in addition to lifting and pouring pails up to a height of five feet.

Standard Weight Limit: 150 lbs | Learn More | Request a Quote

Pail Lifter

Pail Lifter

Designed specifically for lifting 5 gallon pails, this material handling machine is able to be controlled at the push of a button making it is safe, easy and simple to use.

Standard Weight Limit: 200 lbs | Learn More | Request a Quote

Drum Cradle and Dolly

Drum Cradles and Dollies

Designed to be able to safely move and tip drums, these dollies come in a variety of models each designed to be an ergonomic material handling system.

Standard Weight Limit: 1000 lbs | Learn More | Request a Quote

2-Wheel Drum Truck

2-Wheel Drum Trucks

With four distinct different models, these drum trucks will be able to solve your material handling needs involving drums and barrels.

Standard Weight Limit: 1000 lbs | Learn More | Request a Quote

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