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Roll lifters eliminate muscle, joint and back injuries, and increase output.

These roll handling accessories can help you optimize your material handling processes and improve upon your currently existing roll handling solutions. Browse below and see some of our additional roll handling products, which can be applied to many of our roll handling problems.


At R&D we have a diverse line of Roll Handling Solutions that includes Hoist Based Systems, Portable Roll Handlers and Customized Roll Handling Solutions.

Which Roll Handling Solution will work best for you depends on a variety of factors such as industry, weight capacities, transportation needs, and job specific demands. To make things a little easier and assist in deciphering which solution will work best for you, we have broken down our over thirty different Roll Handling Solutions into three easy to navigate sections.

Click on one of the three categories above to learn more about that specific type of Roll Handling Solution, your options are Hoist Based Systems, Portable Systems and Customized Systems.

We also offer a wide variety of drum handling solutions, which work well on their own or when paired with one of our vast roll handling solutions.