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ERT-600 Electric Roll Handling Unit

ERT-600 electric roll handling machines make turning, transporting and lifting a variety of rolls weighing up to 600 pounds safe and stress-free. The ERT-600 has high-speed, quiet actuators that power the units turning function. The actuators have the capacity to complete a full radius turn in 18 seconds or less. This roll handling unit makes use of Universal Mandrels; these are available for almost all core sizes. To use, simply put the mandrel into the core and lift the roll.

The ERT-600 is easy to position and control, has a modular design, rugged steel construction and has many options and accessories meant to ensure that it meets all of your needs. Some additional options and accessories include single or two-speed hoist controls, a handlebar, an anti-telescope attachment, expanding mandrels 3” to 12”, and pneumatic mandrel retracts with switching.

Lift and Turn Roll Handling

Depending on how your rolls are positioned coming off or going on your pallet, these roll handling devices can save your employees time unloading and packaging. The added benefit is that they significantly reduce the risk of repetitive strain, excessive force, awkward motion and awkward posture injuries in the workplace.

A Guide to Workplace Musculoskeletal Disorders

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percent of workplace musculoskeletal disorders
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The cost of back injuries alone
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