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MechRail Rail Systems

The Mechrail is a specialized rail system that encompasses a variety of propulsion options, including manual and motorized units, to accommodate different industrial needs. Designed for versatility, the Mechrail system features a large selection of trolleys, which allows for the seamless creation of custom systems, complete with extensions and a wide range of accessories. The system’s high-performance trolleys ensure that even the most sensitive loads can be transported quickly and smoothly, with repeated precision. For facilities lacking roof support, the Mechrail can be integrated into existing ceiling frameworks or paired with custom-designed floor-mounted structures, ensuring adaptability across any working environment.

mechrail rail system


Mechrail is ceiling mounted overhead crane / rail system that is makes lifting smart, versatile and innovative. The Mechrail is composed of light-weight aluminum and is designed to be used indoors. Mechrail is easy to use and install, and features seamless integration into your facilities needs. 


Electric Power Drive

The electric Power Drive is an electric drive unit that integrates in the rail system trolleys of the Mechrail. It features an adjustable driving speed and is controlled by a joystick. 

PowerDriveElectric2 1.png

Pneumatic Power Drive

The pneumatic Power Drive is the air-driven version of the electric Power Drive. 

MechRail Rail System Specifications


Specifications Details
Material Extruded Aluminum Profiles
Design Features T-Channels, Flanges, and Smooth Sides for Easy Cleaning
Strength Maximum Strength for Heavy Load Capacity (Up to 1000 kg)
Advantages of Aluminum
  • Low Weight for Easy Installation
  • Corrosion Resistance
  • Anodized for Maintenance-Free Operation and Self-Lubrication
  • Load Capacity Up to 1000 kg
    Suspension Solutions Various Suspension Alternatives Depending on Building Construction
    Trolley Features
  • Three Pairs of Ball-Bearing Wheels
  • Run Inside the Profiled Boom
  • Drive Units Optional Drive Units Can Be Connected to Trolleys
    Expansion Capability Easy-to-Fit Joint Sets for System Widening or Lengthening
    T-Formed Grooves Enables Attachment of Various Accessories
  • Overhead Cranes and Tracks System Creation
  • Integration with Crane Systems like Mechcrane
  • Used in Lifters such as Mechstack
  • Direct Adaptation for Chain Hoist Mechchain
  • Powerdrive - Electric

    Specifications Details
    Type Electric Drive Unit for Mechrail
    Control Stepless Speed Adjustment with Frequency Converter, Controlled by Joystick
    Direction Can be Used in X and Y Directions
    Brake System Additional Control Units for Brake System on the Manoeuvre Handle
    Load Capacity 250 / 500 kg
    Motor Output 0.18 kW
    Voltage Options
  • Single: 1x230V, N, PE (±15%) 50/60 Hz
  • Single + Slave: 3x230V, N, PE (±15%) 50/60 Hz
  • Double: 1x230V, N, PE (±15%) 50/60 Hz
  • Double + Slave: 3x230V, N, PE (±15%) 50/60 Hz
  • Triple: 3x230V, N, PE (±15%) 50/60 Hz
  • Fusing 10 AT
    Enclosure Class IP 54
    Noise Level < 70 dB (A)

    Powerdrive - Pneumatic

    Specifications Details
    Type Pneumatic Drive Unit for Mechrail
    Control Controlled by Lever Valve
    Load Capacity 250 / 500 kg
    Dead Weight 15 kg
    Motor Output 0.16 kW
    Medium Compressed Air, Filtered, Unlubricated
    Working Pressure 6 bar
    Noise Level 77 dB (A)


    All of our Material Handling solutions either meet or exceed all applicable regulations which include; OSHA, ANSI and ASME B30.20.


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