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Drum Pump

img RD ERGO Drum Pump v2

Experience effortless drum emptying with our corrosion-resistant and hand-operated Drum Pumps. Their double-action piston design ensures fluid delivery on both forward and backstrokes.

Hydra Lift Drum Rollers

img RD ERGO Hydra Lift Drum Roller and Safety Enclosure

Elevate and roll your drums effortlessly with Hydra-Lift Drum Rollers. These powered hydraulic units save time and money by mixing contents inside closed drums. Benefits include worker safety, spill prevention, and reduced contamination risks. The drum handling unit performs loading and unloading tasks, minimizing your workload. With a capacity of 1,000 lbs for liquids and […]

Double Stationary Drum Rollers

img RD ERGO Double Stationary Drum Rollers and Safety Enclosures

Upgrade your drum mixing process with Morse Double Stationary Drum Rollers. By blending ingredients directly inside sealed drums, you eliminate the need for transfer, specialized vessels, and additional apparatus, saving you valuable time, labor, and money. Choose from our Variable Speed Control Packages and Fixed Speed Drum Rollers. Variable Speed Control Packages support liquid loads […]

201 Series Portable Drum Roller

img RD ERGO 201 Series Portable Drum Roller and Safety Enclosure

Introducing the 201 Series of Portable Drum Rollers, a safe and convenient solution for agitating drum contents without opening them. Eliminate hazards and messy cleanup associated with other mixers.

Tilt to Load Drum Tumblers

img RD ERGO Tilt to Load Drum Tumbler and Safety Enclosure

Introducing Tilt-to-Load Drum Tumblers, the perfect solution for efficient drum mixing. With a robust capacity of 800 lbs for full drums and 400 lbs for half-full drums, these tumblers can handle plastic, steel, or fibre drums. Experience a thorough corner-over-corner mixing action with rotation speeds ranging from 5 to 10 RPM (60Hz/air models) or 4 to 60 RPM (50Hz models).

Single Stationary Drum Rollers

img RD ERGO Single Stationary Drum Rollers and Safety Enclosure

Save time, labour and money with Single Stationary Drum Rollers that give you the ability to blend ingredients right inside your sealed drum. This eliminates transfer, clean-up, special vessels and increased labour. Control packages are sold separately and the appropriate control boxes are available for each model with power controls to start and stop drum […]

Plastic and Fiber Drum Handling

img RD ERGO Plastic and Fiber Drum Handling

Plastic and fibre drums are often extremely unstable during pickup and pouring operations due to the flexible side walls of the drums. Through the installation of a stabilizing collar, also called a drum support, around the top flange, plastic and fibre drums can now be rotated and picked up safely.

Drum Cones and Clamp Collars

img RD ERGO Drum Cones and Clamp Collars

With the addition of Drum Cones and Clamp Collars, you can control the dispensing of dry materials from your drum. This drastically reduces dust when discharging dry materials and extends the reach of the pour by up to 15.5″. You can quickly start and stop dispensing with the slide gate or iris valve. Drum Cones […]

Drum Diameter Adaptors

img RD ERGO Drum Diameter Adaptors

Diameter adaptors give you the ability to handle smaller drums with the same drum handler. We offer six models of diameter adaptors for diameters ranging from 14′′ to 22′′. All models are available in stainless steel or spark-resistant aluminium.

Clamp and Go Drum Handling Accessory

img RD ERGO Clamp Go

The Clamp and Go is an ergonomic tool designed to move drum dollies in order to reduce the number of risks that workers encounter when using just the dolly alone. A dolly can become difficult to control and potentially hazardous, even to the point of becoming a tripping hazard, when pushed horizontally, especially if the wheels hit an obstruction, a hole in the floor, or you descend on a slope.