Tilt-to-Load Drum Tumbler and Safety Enclosure

Rotate a closed plastic, steel or fibre drum with a thorough corner-over-corner mixing action with Tilt-to-Load Drum Tumblers. These drum tumblers have an 800-pound capacity for a full drum and a 400-pound capacity for a half-full drum. For 60Hz or air models you can rotate your drum 5 to 10 RPM and for 50Hz models 4 to 60 RPM.

Tilt-to-Load Drum Tumblers can tumble a plastic steel or fibre drum 29” to 37” tall and 18” to 23.5” in diameter. Drum tumblers use a separate drum for each batch and result in no container to purge between batches. This eliminates spills, risks of contamination and the splashing of dangerous contents on workers.

A Control Package is sold separately and can be selected with the model and power supply in mind. The power controls start the drum rolling and the control mast can be positioned outside the safety enclosure.

Enclosures with safety interlock by Morse are sold separately and comply with all OSHA requirements. They have a safety interlock to automatically shut off the drum roller when the gate is opened. To allow for operation: open the enclosure gate, place your drum into the drum roller and then close the gate.

Technical Specifications:

Attachment Dimensions Movement Weight
Gripping Mechanism.
Motor Models.
1-phase electric motor, 3-phase electric motor, an explosion proof 1-phase electric motor, an explosion proof 3-phase electric motor and an air motor.
Using a Tilt-to-Load Drum tumbler is as easy as 1,2,3. First load the upright drum at floor level, then secure the drum in the holder and finally power lift and rotate.
Weight Capacity.
800 lbs
Controls Fall Safety User
Design For
Moving drums weighing up to
800 lbs.
The control box includes: a timer, start & stop buttons, a red emergency stop button, 24V DC control supply, and lockable main disconnect to shut off &lock out power to the unit.
Safety Features
Built-in safety feature controls prevent accidental release of the drum
Number of Users. 
1 User

Video of Drum
 Handling Unit in Action:

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