Eagle Grip 1 Forklift Drum Handling Equipment

These pieces of forklift handling equipment are designed in order to allow you to safely and efficiently be able to move drums throughout your facility. With five distinct models available which are able to lift a wide range of different drums, you can be assured that we have a forklift attachment drum handling unit perfect for your specific application needs.

These drum handling units are designed in order to all for an easy installation onto any lift truck, with fork pockets and a safety chain ensuring that the installation is able to go as smoothly as possible. In addition, we also offer an optional belt which will be able to help prevent any cosmetic damage from occurring to the lower side of the drum.

Technical Specifications:

Attachment Dimensions Movement Weight
Attachment Mounting.
Carriage Mount and Fork Mount
Unit Dimensions
32" x 14" x 14",
36" x 34" x 31",
41" x 47" x 31",
36" x 34" x 38" &
41" x 47" x 38"
To disengage the Clamp and Go from your dolly and then quickly connect to another, simply use your steel-toe boot.
Weight Capacity.
up to 1,500 lbs
Controls Fall Safety User
Design For
Moving drums weighing up to 1,500 lbs.
Manual clamp
Safety Features
Built-in safety feature controls prevent accidental release of the drum
Number of Users. 
1 User

Video of Drum
 Handling Unit in Action:

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