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Double Stationary Drum Rollers

Upgrade your drum mixing process with Morse Double Stationary Drum Rollers. By blending ingredients directly inside sealed drums, you eliminate the need for transfer, specialized vessels, and additional apparatus, saving you valuable time, labor, and money.

Choose from our Variable Speed Control Packages and Fixed Speed Drum Rollers. Variable Speed Control Packages support liquid loads up to 1,000 pounds and offer RPM levels based on dry load capacities of 400, 300, and 250 pounds. Fixed Speed Drum Rollers accommodate liquid loads up to 1,000 pounds and dry loads up to 300 pounds. Our selection includes 7 models of Double Stationary Drum Rollers, each tailored to specific drum rolling requirements. Categories range from stationary drum rollers to non-explosion-proof and explosion-proof control packages, as well as guard enclosure kits. Find the perfect solution for your drum rolling needs with Morse.

benefits of Double Stationary Drum Rollers

  1. Efficient blending inside sealed drums, eliminating transfer and specialized vessels.
  2. Cost and labor savings by reducing clean-up and apparatus expenses.
  3. Versatile options with Variable Speed Control Packages and Fixed Speed Drum Rollers.
  4. Diverse models including guard enclosures and explosion-proof options.
  5. Improved safety by securely holding drums during mixing.

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