Clamp + Go

The Clamp and Go is an ergonomic tool designed to move drum dollies in order to reduce the number of risks that workers encounter when using just the dolly alone. Dolly’s can become difficult to control and potentially hazardous even to the point of becoming a tripping hazard when they are pushed horizontally, especially if the dolly wheels hit an obstruction, a hole in the floor or you descend on a slope.

This piece of drum handling equipment is attached to the sidewall of your drum dolly with a downward push to engage the quick-coupling mechanism. It is easy to maneuver in confined areas and makes a drum way more stable due to the force below the drums center of gravity. Once the clamp and go is attached, you can pull from the bottom of the drum to move it around. Increasing control and decreasing the risk of tipping.

Technical Specifications:

Attachment Dimensions Movement Weight
Gripping Mechanism.
When 35-pounds of force is applied using the Clamp and Go, a 500-pound drum will move from 0 to 3 mph in just 5 seconds.
To disengage the Clamp and Go from your dolly and then quickly connect to another, simply use your steel-toe boot.
Weight Capacity.
500 lbs
Controls Fall Safety User
Design For
Moving drums weighing up to 500 lbs.
Manual clamp
Safety Features
Built-in safety feature controls prevent accidental release of the drum
Number of Users. 
1 User

Video of Drum
 Handling Unit in Action:

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