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Drum Cones and Clamp Collars

With the addition of Drum Cones and Clamp Collars, you can control the dispensing of dry materials from your drum. This drastically reduces dust when discharging dry materials and extends the reach of the pour by up to 15.5″. You can quickly start and stop dispensing with the slide gate or iris valve.

Drum Cones and Clamp Collars are ideal for use with numerous drum handling units. For example, asymmetric Drum Cones are perfect for below-the-hook Control Karriers that do not have sufficient clearance within the frame of a 45-degree or 60-degree cone. Selecting the right Drum cone depends on many factors, including the cone material, valve flange, angle of the cone and cone size number. Selecting the right Clamp Collar depends on your collar material preference and the corresponding size number of your Drum Cone.

the benefits of Drum Cones and Clamp Collars

Drum cones and clamp collars provide secure drum handling and pouring. They prevent spills, enhance safety, and facilitate controlled dispensing of drum contents, improving workplace efficiency.

A Guide to Workplace Musculoskeletal Disorders

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