Drum Diameter Adaptors

Diameter Adaptors give you the ability to handle smaller drums with the same drum handler. We offer 6 models of diameter adaptors that are for diameters ranging from 14" to 22". All models are available in stainless steel or spark resistant.

Diameter adaptors are available to fit a wide variety of different drum handling equipment and are easily inserted into the drum holder in just a few seconds. When you have finished dispensing your drum, you simply have to lift the diameter adaptor out of the drum holder to return to handling a 55-gallon drum.

Technical Specifications:

Attachment Dimensions Movement Weight
Gripping Mechanism.
Outside Clamp
Diameter Adaptors. 
14" to 22"
Forklift Attachment
Weight Capacity.
55-Gallon Drum
Controls Fall Safety User
Design For
For plastic and fibre drums, use the diameter adaptor
Push Buttons
Safety Features
Bracket Assembly to prevent the drum from slipping lengthways through the drum holder.
Number of Users. 
1 User

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