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Power Propelled Drum Mover/Stacker

img RD ERGO Power Propelled Drum Mover Stacker

Transport and lift drums more efficiently than ever with this drum handling unit, which will enable you to lift a 55-gallon drum up to 10 feet high. This drum handling system is designed to be the ultimate drum handling unit and will enable you to move drums onto a rack with virtually zero clearance in […]

Power-Propelled Drum Pourers

img RD ERGO Power Propelled Drum Pourers

Dispense 1,500 lb drum at a height of 10.5’ with this drum handling unit, whether the drum is made of steel, plastic, fibre or are smaller drums; this drum handling system will be able to lift and pour it.

Heavy Duty Hydra Drum Lift Karriers

img RD ERGO Heavy Duty Hydra Drum Lift Karriers

The solution to your drum handling problems is here! With this drum handling unit, one person is able to safely handle 55-gallon steel or fibre drums. The Heavy-Duty Hydra-Lift Karrier is able to automatically adjust from drums with a 22″ diameter to 23.5″. Hydra-Lift Drum Karriers are available with battery, air, or electric power lift and power drum tilt control. Some models have plug-in electric drum lift and tilt controls.

82H Series Drum Palletizers

img RD ERGO 82H Series Drum Palletizers

With the addition of this drum handling unit, you will be able to efficiently move drums onto and off of pallets and floors.

Two Wheel Drum Trucks

img RD ERGO Two Wheel Drum Trucks

These drum trucks are designed to be ergonomic and easy to use, with a trim and strong all steel construction.

Powered and Motorized Drum Dumper

img RD ERGO Powered and Motorized Drum Dumper

This drum handling unit is one of our most ergonomic pieces of equipment available for transporting, weighing and dispensing the product within drums.