Powered Drum Handling and Lifting Equipment

Easily and safely move plastic, fibre and steel drums throughout your facility with this drum handling unit. This drum handling unit was designed specifically to make it easier to transport weight and dispense drums, with several different models available making them perfect for almost every application. This drum handling unit can fit through a standard doorway opening, making it perfect for transporting drums within your facility.

Technical Specifications:

Attachment Designed to Access Movement Weight
Options & Accessories.
Gel-Gell 24-volt industrial batteries for convenience charging for three shift operations.
Gripping Mechanism.
Lever control for lift and lower on both side of the handle, horn button, snail creep button, safety reversing switch movers machine forward if activated when travelling in reverse in tight areas.
Lift height 20”/508mm optional up to 144”/3,657mm with an AC Drive Motor with regenerative braking.
Weight Capacity.
 800 lb/363 kg optional up to 1500 lb/680 kg
Controls Fall Safety User
Design For
Lifting and moving drums weighing up to 1500 lbs.
Dual thumb operated butterfly control with forward and reverse travel
Safety Features
Built-in safety feature controls prevent accidental release of the drum
Number of Users. 
1 User

Video of Drum Handling Unit in Action:

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