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Squeeze-O-Turn Material Handling Unit

Introducing our innovative Squeeze-O-Turn™, combining the best features of Lift-O-Turn and Lift-O-Squeeze to redefine ergonomic load handling. This versatile product excels in rotating and lifting barrels, rolls, buckets, boxes, and drums.

Designed for various industries, our electric Squeeze-O-Turn™ is an efficient lifting device suitable for drum handling and rotation of diverse goods. The electric clamp and rotate module provide a complete 360-degree manipulation, ensuring controlled and gentle handling for barrels, bins, boxes, and more.

With a robust maximum lifting capacity of 300 pounds* and a standard stroke of 12 inches, our modular drum handling equipment featuring Squeeze-O-Turn™ technology offers reliability in various applications. Custom options are available, with strokes extending up to 22 inches.


Roll Handling Features Include;

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