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Lift-N-Glide Hybrid Lifter

Lift N Glide™ Hybrid Lifter

The Lift-N-Glide is a Hybrid lifter that utilizes the benefits of crane systems and the modular components of the 19000 Series Lift-O-Flex.

Super Duty Kontrol Karriers

img RD ERGO Super Duty Kontrol Karriers

This series of drum handling products comes in two models. For a long life in tough service areas, Super-Duty Kontrol-Karriers have a steel tube framework, large shafts and bearings.

Extra Heavy Duty Kontrol Karriers

img RD ERGO Heavy Duty Kontrol Karriers

Extra Heavy-Duty Kontrol-Karrier drum handling systems have a 2,000 pound full drum lifting capacity and can tilt a drum 360 degrees in both directions.

Power Tilt Kontrol Karriers

img RD ERGO Power Tilt Kontrol Karriers

Kontrol-Karriers with Power Tilt Kontrol can be attached to your monorail, crane or chain block for quick, sure below-hook drum handling by one person.

Heavy Duty Kontrol Karriers

img RD ERGO Heavy Duty Kontrol Karriers

With the addition of the Heavy-Duty Kontrol-Karriers to your workplace, you will be able to lift and dispense a drum with your hoist or crane which provides controlled high-level pouring.

Kontrol Karriers Drum Handling System

img RD ERGO Kontrol Karriers Drum Handling

These drum handling solutions, positioned below the hook, enable precise pouring at elevated heights. They provide you with the capability to effortlessly lift and dispense drums using your hoist while maintaining control.

Below-the-Hook Drum Karriers

img RD ERGO Below the Hook Drum Handling v2

Transport a drum with your hoist or crane. With a tilt lock on each side of the hanger frame the barrel can be secured in an upright or horizontal position.

Adjusto Karrier Drum Handling Equipment

img RD ERGO Adjusto Karrier Drum Handling v2

The Adjusto-Karrier is able to handle a wide variety of drum diameters and is designed with unique pads that conform to the drum to create a secure grip, allowing for fast dispensing of your drum and a high level of controlled pouring.