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Super Duty Kontrol Karriers

Super-Duty Kontrol-Karriers are an essential investment for any facility that handles drums regularly. They offer a reliable and efficient solution for below-the-hook drum handling, which can be done by a single person. With the addition of this drum handling unit, your team can quickly and safely transport drums, saving time and reducing the risk of waste or spills.

The Super-Duty Kontrol-Karriers series features two models that cater to different needs and applications. The steel tube framework, large shafts, and bearings used in their construction ensure that they can withstand the toughest service areas, making them a long-lasting and reliable solution for your drum handling needs.

Investing in the Super-Duty Kontrol-Karriers not only improves your overall productivity, but also increases safety by minimizing the risk of injury associated with manual drum handling. These drum handling units are an investment that pays for itself in the long run, as they reduce downtime due to injury or equipment failure.

Why consider buying a Kontrol Karrier?

Buying Super-Duty Kontrol-Karriers offers a range of benefits, such as quick and efficient below-the-hook drum handling by one person. The use of this drum handling unit will save time, reduce waste, and improve overall productivity. The steel tube framework, large shafts, and bearings used in these products ensure a long service life in tough service areas. By investing in Super-Duty Kontrol-Karriers, you can increase efficiency and productivity while also saving time and reducing waste.

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