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To serve you better | Now merging service and customer support with our sister company Liftsafe Engineering and Service Group.

Drum Cradles and Dollies

img RD ERGO Drum Cradles and Dollies

These Drum Cradles and Dollies have a capacity of 700 pounds and have a rugged angle iron construction with 3” MORTUF polyolefin wheels.

Pail Lifter

img RD ERGO Pail Lifter

The Pail Lifter effortlessly lifts and transports 5-gallon pails, providing a convenient and efficient solution for your material handling needs.

PailPro 5-Gallon Pail Handlers

img RD ERGO PailPro 5 Gallon Pail Handler

The PailPro 5 Gallon Pail Handlers promote proper workplace ergonomics, offering efficient and safe handling of 5-gallon pails.

PailPro Can Tumblers

img RD ERGO PailPro Can Tumblers

The PailPro Can Tumbler saves time and money by efficiently mixing contents in ordinary pails, making it a valuable pail handling device.

PailPro Can Tippers

img RD ERGO PailPro Can Tippers

PailPro Can Tippers provide effortless and controlled pouring of cans, minimizing spills and promoting efficient handling of liquid contents.