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12125 Series Forward Tip Barrel Lifter

This Forward Tip Barrel Lifter is designed to fit our Lift-O-Flex Systems, specifically for the handling of steel, fibre or plastic drums that require forward unloading.

The Forward Tip ties together existing and new components to produce a product that assists in the safe and ergonomic forward rotation of drums and barrels weighing up to 400 pounds. The Forward Tip mounts to all of our standard Lift-O-Flex Lifters and its rotations are electronically powered by a power pack. The Forward Tip adapts to a variety of different drum sizes and is very easy to configure through the use of manually adjusted squeeze straps. The squeeze straps can fit both large and small loads while not damaging the product in any way.

why buy a Forward Tip Barrel Lifter?

The Forward Tip Barrel Lifter provides a safe and efficient way to lift, transport and pour barrels, reducing the risk of injury and increasing productivity.

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