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17182 Telescopic Mast Kit

The Telescopic Mast is perfect for roll handling when working at heights that are higher than normal. The units allow the operator to maintain normal operations when overhead heights are restricting. An example of this would be in a doorway, mezzanines and general production equipment.

Interchangeability between lifters through the use of different end-effectors that can be mounted to the Telescopic Mast promotes operational safety as well as efficiency.

A separate remote control is provided for accurate operator control. The Telescopic Masts is easily powered up and down using DC power from the same electronic power module as the basic lifter.

Modified for height

When a higher reach is required the 17182 Series Telescopic Mast Kit presents an increasing level of load handling characteristics and flexibility.  The 2000 Series Mast Kit has an approximate weight capacity of 170 pounds and the 19000 Series Mast Kit has a lift weight capacity of approximately 320 pounds.

A Guide to Workplace Musculoskeletal Disorders

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