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12154 Expand-O-Turn Cross Roll Adapter

Reduce the amount of space required to store your roll handling devices and use the same lifter for multiple applications. 

The Expand-O-Turn Roll Adapter can be used for a variety of different tasks when moving rolls around your facility. By utilizing the same lifter, rolls can be received by lifting them with their cores vertically from a shipping pallet, and with the same machine now be placed onto a machine core. 

The Process the Roll Handling System Uses is as Follows:

  1. The Expand-O-Turn picks up rolls and places them on the floor or stand
  2. Quick release pins and electrical connections remove the expand mechanism from the rotator
  3. Cross forks are placed onto the expander side rails and locked into position
  4. The safety top is reinserted at the end of the expander slide and the forks are rotated
  5. To pick up the cross roll shaft, the forks are lowered
  6. To conclude, the lifter is moved to the position needing a roll and the roll shaft is placed into the bearing blocks

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