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Lift-O-Flex 19000 Series Portable Lifter

Lift-O-Flex 19000 Series portable lifter

Lift-O-Flex 19000 Series Portable Lifter The Lift-O-Flex 19000 Series portable ergonomic lifter provides your facility with a dynamic load handling option tailored for heavy load capacities, while reducing injuries and creating a more efficient work encironment.   The Lift-O-Flex 19000 Series features three models, differing in lift capacity. Starting at 350 lbs (159 kg) for the […]

HRH-1000 Narrow Web Lifter

img RD ERGO HRH 1000 Narrow Web Lifter

Discover the HRH-1000 roll handling unit, your ideal solution for cost-effective and secure handling of valuable products. Designed with a focus on user-friendly operation, portability, and adaptability, this device ensures a seamless workflow. Say goodbye to the risks and strain of manual handling as you effortlessly lift, transport, load, and unload rolls weighing up to […]

Freedom Plus Roll Handling Unit

img RD ERGO Freedom Plus Roll Handling Unit

This roll handling unit was developed to handle loads which weigh up to 770 pounds. The Freedom Plus Lifter is designed with a modular build and is battery powered.  This roll handling unit also offers a wide variety of lift heights and has a lightweight body due to its steel construction. This roll handling device […]

ERH 700 Roll Handling Unit

img RD ERGO ERH 700 Roll Handling Unit

Schlumpf Lift and Turn Roll Handlers are used to lift and turn rolls by the core for palletizing, transporting and loading. Holding the rolls inside the core without contacting the valuable material reduces the risk of both material damage and operator injury, saving your company money and valuable resources. The ERH-700 portable electric roll handling […]

Easy Lift Roll Transporters

img RD ERGO Easy Lift Roll Transporters

These roll handling units will enable you to optimize your roll handling process with the option of an aluminum roll post or stainless steel V-Pans, enabling you to safely move rolls throughout your facility. This roll handling system is designed in order to be able to rotate with manual rotation. The V-Pans are built in […]

Easy Lift Roll Manipulators

img RD ERGO Easy Lift Roll Manipulators

Easy Lift Equipment’s Roll Transporters & Roll Manipulators are the safe and ergonomic solution for a wide range of roll applications; including lifting, transporting, rotating, and loading roll materials onto packaging machinery. This narrow roll handling unit is perfect for moving rolls through narrow aisles within your facility and is able to manipulate rolls weighing […]

Lift-O-Flex Series Ergonomic Lifter

img RD ERGO Lift O Flex Series Ergonomic Lifter

Our LIFT-O-FLEX portable lifters create better work environments while reducing work-related injuries. This ergonomic lifter offers dynamic load handling characteristics for heavy load capacities. The 19500 provides a lift capacity of 500 pounds and the 19000 provides a lift capacity for 350 pounds. These material handling lifters allow for interchangeability to occur between different lifters […]

Rotating V Block Roll Handling Unit

img RD ERGO Rotating V Block Roll Handling Unit

Do you need to handle rolls with multiple drop-off locations? R&D Ergo Ltd. has the solution, the Off-Set Rotating “V” Block. With this roll handling unit rolls can be rotated up to 90-degrees. Cross roll handling is achieved by rotating rolls onto spindles or a shaft can be inserted for off-loading to bearing blocks. Some […]

ERH-400 Portable Electric Roll Handling Unit

img RD ERGO ERH 400 Portable Electric Roll Handling Unit

Introducing the groundbreaking ERH 400 PT5 portable electric roll handling machine, a compact powerhouse with unmatched performance. Despite its smaller size and weight, this revolutionary unit boasts an impressive 25% increase in lifting capacity compared to previous models. Designed specifically for lifting and rotating rolls by their core, it excels in palletizing, transportation, and loading […]

Manual Roll Handling Winch

img RD ERGO Manual Roll Handling Winch

The MRH-300-P portable manual roll handling machine is a versatile tool for many different lifting applications. Designed for portability, ease of use and affordability, the MRH-300-P gives operators a safe, cost-effective alternative to “manhandling” valuable products. The manual winch lift is a horizontal roll handling device and has a quick tooling attachment so that lifting attachments can be changed without the need for tools.

12120 Series Squeeze-O-Turn Material Handling Unit

img RD ERGO 12120 Series Squeeze O Turn Material Handling Unit

Squeeze-O-Turn Material Handling Unit Introducing our innovative Squeeze-O-Turn™, combining the best features of Lift-O-Turn and Lift-O-Squeeze to redefine ergonomic load handling. This versatile product excels in rotating and lifting barrels, rolls, buckets, boxes, and drums. Designed for various industries, our electric Squeeze-O-Turn™ is an efficient lifting device suitable for drum handling and rotation of diverse […]