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MORSpeed 1000 Drum Handling System

The MORSpeed 1000 System drum handling system gives you the ability to grab, lift, move and place a drum in a minimum amount of time without leaving your forklift truck and without the need for tools. The steel jaws are completely mechanical and automatic, as well as being contoured to securely grab and release the drum.

The encased mechanism provides you with precise, automatic, and reliable drum lifting. We offer two models of MORSpeed 1000 systems. The 286-1 is a fork mount and can handle 1,000 pounds with a drum single head, and the 286M-1 drum handling unit can lift the same as the 286-1 and has similar attributes but has spark resistant parts.

What does the MORSpeed 1000 do?

Lift and move more drums with ease. The MORSpeed 1000 can be mounted on your forks in a matter of seconds without the need for any tools.

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