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Forklift Karrier Drum Handling Equipment

Utilize your currently existing equipment with this piece of drum handling equipment. This forklift attachment can easily be mounted on your forklift without the need for tools or any truck modifications.

Able to pick up a variety of drums with different diameters, this forklift drum handling attachment is designed to automatically adjust for drums from 22″ to 23.5″ in diameter. On top of this, it even accepts diameter adaptors in case you need to move smaller drums.

Forklift Karrier Drum Handling Benefits

  1. Enhanced safety: With the use of the equipment, there is no need for workers to manually lift, tilt or move heavy drums, which reduces the risk of injuries.

  2. Increased efficiency: The equipment is designed to increase efficiency and productivity by enabling workers to move drums more quickly and easily. 

  3. Versatility: The equipment is designed to handle a variety of drum sizes and types, including plastic, steel, and fiber drums. 

  4. Cost-effective: Forklift Karrier Drum Handling Equipment is a cost-effective solution that can help reduce labour costs and increase the lifespan of equipment. 

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