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Material Handling Tugger (MT300+ Tugger)

The MT300+ material handling tugger is the first MasterTug in the range to use a hydraulic weight transfer system. A hydraulic mast lifts part of the load weight in order to apply pressure to the industrial drive wheel, resulting in traction. This, combined with an AC drive motor, gives the MT300+ the power to move wheeled loads weighing up to 6,600 lbs.

The dual secured mast and an FEA tested steel chassis ensure this material handling tug remains solid, even under load. A self-adjusting castor guard and an automatic braking system keep the operator safe at all times.

MasterMover Tuggers

A range of wheeled loads weighing up to 360,000kg can be moved safely and effectively with the help of MasterMover’s high-quality electric tugs and tows.

Our industry-leading selection of small, battery-operated motorised tuggers will increase operational effectiveness, decrease manual handling, and simplify your procedures.

A Guide to Workplace Musculoskeletal Disorders

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The cost of back injuries alone
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