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EasyLift Counterbalanced Drum Transporters

The EasyLift Counterbalanced Drum Transporters offer unmatched versatility in drum handling. By eliminating legs and incorporating a compensated counterweight, this innovative unit excels at placing drums in various locations.

It effortlessly fits drums into cabinets, under air piston pumps, and on the sides of pallets, scales, or containment pallets. With its adaptable design, it ensures seamless drum placement even when the corner of the pallet is not accessible. Simplify your drum handling tasks with this reliable and efficient solution.

benefits of EasyLift Counterbalanced Drum Transporter

The EasyLift Counterbalanced Drum Transporter offers versatile drum handling with no legs and a compensated counterweight. Ideal for tight spaces, it ensures easy placement of drums in cabinets, under pumps, and on pallets. Simplify your operations and improve efficiency with this innovative solution.

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