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Mechlift Roll Handling Unit

img RD ERGO MerchLift Roll Handling Unit

The Mechlift is built upon telescoping aluminum profiles which are anodized, thus allowing for it to be practically maintenance free.

ERT-600 Electric Roll Handling Unit

img RD ERGO ERT 600 Electric Roll Handling Unit

ERT-600 electric roll handling machines make turning, transporting and lifting a variety of rolls weighing up to 600 pounds safe and stress-free.

ERT-350 Roll Handling Unit

img RD ERGO ERT 350 Roll Handling Unit

The ERT-350 electric roll handling machines offer a user-friendly experience, cost-effective operation, and a modular design.

PRT-300 Roll Handling Unit

img RD ERGO PRT 300 Roll Handling Unit

Our versatile powered roll handling unit, available in pneumatic or electric options, is the go-to choice for handling roll weights exceeding 330 lbs (150 kg). With its reliable power, this unit ensures a fast and efficient roll handling process, eliminating any concerns about speed or reliability. Say goodbye to manual strain and embrace the ease […]