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MOBI Crane Series PV

These portable pneumatic Jib Cranes provide quiet operation and adjustable lift/lowering speed.

MOBI-Crane Series PV is a portable jib crane with an articulating arm designed to aid in manual lifting of items up to 185 lbs. The crane’s mobility is accomplished by either a standard pallet jack or forklift. The PV Series (pneumatic) is designed for indoor use and can be combined with a variety of grippers.

The PV Series is designed for indoor use and can be combined with a variety of grippers. The system contains onboard batteries, battery charger, and can be operated while connected to 110V/AC.

The “PV” Series is designed to provide safe and fast vacuum suction to attach to products with a semi-porous surface, such as cartons or paper boxes and bags. The MOBI-Crane utilizes an external air supply of at least 87 psi to power the built-in Mach 2+ supersonic vacuum ejector. The operator can switch between different vacuum grippers, which allows for quick adaptability (change over) between different products.

How does a pneumatic crane work

By increasing the internal air pressure and moving the cylinder along the piston’s axis, an external motor or pump moves the piston inside the cylinder. The lift components are extended to raise or lower the object as a result of the cylinder’s motion along the axis, which also generates a linear force.

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