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Stainless Steel Hydra-Lift Karriers

The Stainless Steel Hydra-Lift Karriers offer exceptional capabilities in lifting, moving, and pouring 55-gallon drums weighing up to 800 pounds effortlessly. With this drum handling unit, you can accomplish all these tasks and more with ease.

Designed with a robust welded rectangular type 304 stainless steel tube framework, our Stainless Steel Hydra-Lift Karriers ensure durability and reliability in demanding environments. The heavy-duty hydraulic ram, equipped with a built-in flow control mechanism, enables a consistent and controlled speed of descent, even when handling the heaviest drums. Experience efficient and dependable drum handling with our Stainless Steel Hydra-Lift Karriers.

Efficient & Versatile

Mobile Lift Karriers securely transport drums upright, prevent spills, and enable mixing and draining. They enhance safety, productivity, and ease of handling in various industrial applications.

A Guide to Workplace Musculoskeletal Disorders

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