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Drum Spotter

The Drum Spotter is a reliable drum handling unit designed for efficient and safe drum lifting. With a maximum pallet height of 6 inches, it easily accommodates various drum sizes.

Its sturdy base, equipped with a built-in counter-weight, ensures stability during handling operations. The strategically positioned hooks below the drum rim securely hold the drum in place, while the ergonomically designed handle provides optimal leverage for lifting heavy drums. The use of ratchets ensures that the handle remains fixed in position until the operator decides to move it, allowing for precise control and enhanced safety. Trust the Drum Spotter to streamline your drum handling tasks with its robust construction and user-friendly features.

the benefits of Drum Spotters

  1. Safe and stable: The Drum Spotter’s built-in counter-weight and secure drum hooks ensure safe lifting and handling of drums.
  2. Easy leverage: The extended handle length provides ample leverage, making it easier to lift heavy drums with less effort.
  3. Precise control: The ratchet mechanism maintains the handle position, allowing for controlled and accurate drum handling.
  4. Versatile: Suitable for various drum sizes and types, including steel, poly, and fiber drums.

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