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82A Series Drum Palletizers that Pour

The 82A Series Drum Palletizers that Pour are a versatile solution for lifting and transporting drums weighing up to 600 pounds.

The V-shaped base is specifically designed to fit the corner of a pallet, allowing for efficient storage and transportation. The drum holder is also designed with functionality in mind, with the ability to rotate and dispense a drum for easy pouring. This advanced design eliminates the need for manual lifting and pouring, reducing the risk of injury and increasing productivity. The durable construction and user-friendly features of this drum handling unit make it an essential tool for any material handling environment.

Benefits of the 82A Series Drum Palletizer

The 82A Series Drum Palletizer offers efficient and safe drum handling, with the ability to lift, transport, and pour drums up to 600 pounds. Its state-of-the-art design incorporates a V-shaped base and a rotating drum holder to serve the corner of a pallet, reducing the risk of spills and injuries. This saves time, reduces waste, and improves overall productivity.

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