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To serve you better | Now merging service and customer support with our sister company Liftsafe Engineering and Service Group.

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EZ Loader by Bishamon

https://youtu.be/Bk3CLqYeffwThe EZ Loader by Bishamon has a self-levelling design that automatically keeps the top of the load at a convenient working height to help eliminate

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Lift-N-Go Lifting Peat Moss

https://youtu.be/G79uHoozCy0 View More Videos The Lift-N-Go has a variety of application uses including greenhouses for lifting soil, peat moss and potting mixes. In this video,

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130lb Capacity Squeeze-O-Turn

https://youtu.be/NPW0cWvvVuo View More Videos  The Squeeze-O-Turn mounts to standard LIFT-O-FLEX Lifters and is powered by the Electronic Power Pack. The Squeeze-O-Turn combines the Lift- O-Turn

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Cardboard Box Lifter

https://youtu.be/Au9Unay9FkI View More Videos Liftsafe Engineering and Service Group recently designed and manufactured this cardboard box lifter. A vacuum lifter could not be used for

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Easy Lift Drum Hauler in Action

https://youtu.be/s8xtoTowTQI View More Videos Since 1997, the self-powered Drum-Hauler continues to be the most ergonomic solution for dispensing drums. Its large 24-volt industrial battery allows

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