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Lift Assist Devices

img RD ERGO Lift Assist Devices

Take a look at some of our custom lift assist devices in use at a major international automotive manufacturing facility in Ontario.

SS Screen Lifter

img RD ERGO SS Screen Lifter v2

A solution we provided to a customer in the food industry to lift these 2 x 48″ diameter screens from the floor level up onto a work platform.

Ergonomic Lift Assist

img RD ERGO Ergonomic Lift Assist

Ergonomic custom design and build of a lift assist to lift and transfer a 23kg automotive part from a conveyor into a weld cell jig.

Custom Lift Assist

img RD ERGO Custom Lift Assist

R&D Ergo designed and built this custom lift assist for a local major automotive manufacturer.

Clamp Cart Door End Effector

img RD ERGO Clamp Cart Door End Effector

This manufacturing plant required an end effector which would help them move parts such as the portable cart door

Bishamon EZX Loaders

img RD ERGO Bishamon EZX Loaders

This ergonomic solution immediately resolved our customer’s concerns and increased productivity.