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Vacuhand V Vacuum Lifter

img RD ERGO Vacuhand V Vacuum Lifter

We recognize the needs of your facility are likely highly specific which is why we offer a wide range of standardized grippers and accessories such as; angular toggle joints, quick fasteners, extension parts, and elbow joint handles.

Easyhand T Vacuum Lifter

img RD ERGO Easyhand T Vacuum Lifter

The Easyhand T is an easy-to-use and fast vacuum lifter, which can be worked with one hand to handle loads up to 45 kg. It can be maneuvered easily and with precision with either the left or right hand.

Anver VT Vacuum Lifter

img RD ERGO Anver VT Vacuum Lifter

The Anver VT boasts an easy-to-use up and down control system with an easy grip handle.