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Free Standing PIVOT Pro 150lbs Capacity

These free-standing articulating jib cranes have a 150 lbs capacity. The PIVOT Pro is an articulating jib crane specifically designed for light applications, its smaller capacity makes it sleek allowing it to easily move.

These cranes prioritize worker safety, reducing strain and injuries while maximizing efficiency. Elevate your operations with our reliable jib cranes.

Jib Crane Models

HUB (B)Span (A)Model NumberShipping WeightThrust&Pull
10′8′PPRO-FS-150-10-8-T490 lbs1,086 lbs
10′10′PPRO-FS-150-10-10-T505 lbs1,428 lbs
10′12′PPRO-FS-150-10-12-T520 lbs1,785 lbs
12′8′PPRO-FS-150-12-8-T530 lbs1,075 lbs
12′10′PPRO-FS-150-12-10-T545 lbs1,417 lbs
12′12′PPRO-FS-150-12-12-T560 lbs1,774 lbs

A Guide to Workplace Musculoskeletal Disorders

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percent of workplace musculoskeletal disorders
graphy cost back injuries alone
The cost of back injuries alone
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