Portable Roll Lifter

This Portable Roll Lifter expands into the roll core and is used by a local food industry customer to lift and rotate a 120lb roll of poly film from a shipper pallet to a packaging machine spindle.
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Ergonomic Box Lifter

At R&D Ergo Ltd, we have an extensive line of Ergonomic Box and Tote Handling Equipment designed to improve efficiency and eliminate workplace injuries.

This Vacuum Lifter has the ability to lift boxes weighing up to 100 pounds.
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R&D: EZ X Loader by Bishamon

The EZ X Loader by Bishamon has a self leveling design automatically keeps the top of the load at a convenient working height to help eliminate bending and improve productivity.

This turn table's captive air system eliminates cumbersome mechanical springs and will handle a wide range of weight capacities from 400 lbs.

Vacuum Box Lifting System

One of our amazing customers needed a solution to pick and place different sized cartons, pick pallets and slip sheets with the same tool. The products that required lifting were uneven, had deformed layers and multiple product dimensions in addition to being in dusty environment.